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We Donate!

5% of ALL Profits are donated to animals in need

Where do we donate to? 
One of our favorite shelters is Friends of Upland Animal Shelter for many great reasons. Although they are NOT a no kill shelter they are a LOW kill Shelter, meaning that they will do everything they can before putting down an animal. They have not euthanized an animal in their care for years now. To learn more about them please visit their direct website. 

How do we donate?

Shelters will sometimes put a list of items that is needed for the well being of their animals. At Friends of Upland Animal Shelter you may help by adopting a kennel, donating food and supplies, or helping with the costs of vet bills. To learn more about them please visit their direct website. 

Why do we donate?

We are very passionate about animals! We love them and we want to make the world a better place by educating people about pet care and helping pets be ready for homes. We want to see less and less animals in shelters and more and more animals loving responsible homes!​


We would love to hear from you about your local shelter and why we should add them to our list! Our goal is to donate to a different shelter every month to spread help to animals all over the place. Please send us a link to your favorite local shelter. 

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