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The Idea Of
Your Pet 

In 2019, my childhood dog Fluffy was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease...which left me confused on how to feel about the fact that I would be losing her soon. I restructured my life to cherish every remaining moment with Fluffy and soon spent every night pouring my love and sorrow into comics that captured our precious memories together, immortalizing the bond we shared. 


Your Pet Cartoon Was Officially Born

I officially started this company after losing my best friend of 18 years in November 2020. Though I hold her memories close to my heart, seeing her portrait each morning as I prepare my coffee brings me immense comfort. For many, including myself, pets are family members—our children. They embody loyalty, love, care, silliness, strength, and all things good. Having a custom portrait of my beloved Fluffy warms my heart. Every time I see her portrait, I smile, remembering the countless

times I called her a "good girl" and the joyful moments we shared. Fluffy is the reason I started this company—to share the joy and comfort I feel when I see her portrait. I want other pet owners to have custom portraits of their current pets or those who have passed, so they too can experience the happy emotions I have.

My Goal:

Your Pet Cartoon is more than just a small art business of your pet, it is a company that believes that every portrait has a story behind it. This is why I wanted to offer one of the greatest quality product that you can enjoy for years to come. We believe that our portraits represent the relationship between a pet and their owner.

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