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The Start of Your Pet Cartoon

We are a pet portrait company that is deeply motivated by the smiles, tears, and thank you’s we get from illustrating one of the most amazing things in this world, pets. We love animals and we know how important pets are to you!


Your Pet Cartoon was officially born

   I officially started this company after I had lost my best friend of 18 years back in    November of 2020 because although I keep the memories close to my heart, I love to see her portrait every morning as I prepare my cup of coffee. For many people including myself, your pet is like a member of the family. They are children to us. They bring the good out in us. They are so loyal, loving, caring, silly, strong, and everything good to us.  Having a custom portrait of my beloved Fluffy is so 

heartwarming to me. Every time I see her portrait, I smile and think about all the times I called her a “good girl” and all the times we happily shared. She is the reason why I started this company, to share the joy that I experienced by having a portrait of your pet. I want pet owners to be able to have a custom portrait of their current and/or pet that has passed so they too can experience the happy emotions I had.

Our Goal:

Here at Your Pet Cartoon we are more than just a drawing company of your pet, we are a company that believes that every portrait has a story behind it. This is why we offer one of the greatest quality product that you can enjoy for years to come. We believe that our portraits represent the relationship between a pet and their owner.

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